Water Wallboard


The Water Wallboard set is designed to encourage children to have fun playing with water whilst at the same time learning to understand how water flows.

Using the water wallboard is simple – children choose a starting point to pour or pump and then watch the water flow down into one of the grey base storage units. The pump is used to transport water from the base of the wall board back to the top of the chute where it will flow freely. Supplied with a combination of straight, 45-degree and 90-degree joints. There are also two joints supplied with stop valves so children can experiment with stopping the water flow and seeing what impact this has on direction 

Pipes and channels can be adjusted as children experiment and reconfigure the tubes to change the direction of flow. There is even a water wheel to add to the fun. Our Water Wallboard is a great STEM activity, teaching children about gravity, angles, and water flow.

Also supplied with 2 buckets, 2 ladles and 12 small hollow balls for extra play value. Set includes 2 grey trays. Large blue tray not included. 

Dimensions: 140cm (height to top of leaf, to top of the frame is 103cm) x 130cm x 80.5cm (d)

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