Translucent Magnetic Polydron 64 Piece Set


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A great innovation that allows children to explore the worlds of shape and space and magnetism all in one exercise. Magnetic Polydron combines the fun of construction with the lessons of polarity.

The product is coloured black on one side with primary colours on the reverse. Pieces join when the polarity is correct in line with the colours. Children will play for hours, experimenting with different shapes, building various models and constructions.

Manufactured from hard wearing ABS, Magnetic Polydron is timeless and will be used by generations of children. It is an excellent value for money product, as well as being a fun, informative and highly addictive addition to the classroom!

Using Magnetic Polydron is great fun and the design possibilities are endless. These brilliant new translucent pieces will bring a new design angle to your constructions and can even be used with a light box.

Contents:  24 Squares and 40 Equilateral Triangles

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