Soft Triangular Mirror House


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This beautiful, soft triangular mirror house is just perfect for very young children. Three foam backed mirror pieces Velcro together to produce a kaleidoscopic mirror effect inside. Children will want to crawl inside to see their reflections all around and arrange toys or heuristic play items to see the effect they make in the kaleidoscope mirrors.

Opened out, the three mirrors can be laid at right angles to each other and a different ‘infinity’ reflection effect is created. All mirrors are non-shatter.

All non-glass mirrors will scratch over time if they come into contact with sharp objects, so replacement mirror pieces may be purchased to restore your Triangular Mirror House cost effectively and extend its life. These are available from the ‘Spares’ section on our website.

Size: 130cm (l) x 63cm (d) x 113cm (h)


Dimensions 130 × 63 × 113 cm


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