Seasons Game


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Children will love learning about the four seasons with this fun photograph game.

With both sides of the board, the game starts with all the season cards face down showing an image relating to a season.

On the season side of the board, players pick up cards and try to identify the season belonging to the image. The answer is checked on the reverse of the card before placing it on the board.

On the bingo side of the board, players spin the spinner and pick a card to match the season. It is then placed on their board. If the space is already filled, players miss their go.

Ideal for teaching children to observe changes across the four seasons.

Teachers can photocopy the writing frames for children to draw images and write notes.

Contains:  4 double-sided A4 boards, 24 self-checking season cards and 4 photocopiable writing frames
Age:  5+

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