Reading/Quiet Zone


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A perfect calm and cosy space which will promote a relaxed learning environment. Perfect for reading individually or in small groups. Buying the units as a ‘zone’ also means you save money rather than buying the items individually, save £100 when buying the complete zone.

The units feature ample storage for books, the reverse of the Pioneer Book Unit also provides space for big books. Follow the configuration we have used, perfect for small settings where a corner has to be used, or move and configure in whichever combination you choose. The units are ideal for using as room dividers and are all accessible from both sides.

Cloud Den Cover fits perfectly on our Hideaway Haven but can be removed and used on any other den.

Cushion covers are fully washable.

Unit dimensions:

Hideaway Haven:  140cm (w) x 90cm (d) x 122cm (h)

Pioneer Book Storage: 90cm (w) x 40cm (d) x 60cm (h)

Open Unit: 125cm (w) x 40cm (d) x 42cm (h)

Cushions: 40cm²

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