Pipe and Channel Set 1


Children can explore gravity and engineering when they play with our pipe and tunnel sets. Children will observe, experiment and tinker with ideas as they play and manipulate to make the water flow in different directions. Children will naturally problem solve as they play, and they will soon discover that water flows downhill and finds a natural horizontal level.

Moving pipes and repositioning them to aid water flow will improve hand and eye co-ordination. Children will learn how to share a space with other children and how to take turns when playing. Through teamwork and co-operation, they will develop crucial skills needed for their personal development. For added play value this set include accessories to both increase and enhance the learning experience.

Set includes 2 grey trays. Large blue tray not included. Supplied flat packed with simple assembly instructions.

Set comprises 36 pieces –

2 grey trays

4 pieces of 50mm clear tubing (2 lengths)

3 plastic linking tubes

4 straight 900m pipes (half circle)

5 castle stands/6 boats/8 balls/2 buckets/2 ladles.


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