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Setting up or refurbishing a room for 2 year olds? If the answer is yes then the Imaginative zone furniture offer is worth considering as it gives you lots of different storage and display options.

It comprises 9 items of furniture. Although we’ve shown them arranged together as one zone, you might find that splitting the items up will enable you to deliver;¬† a) a quiet/ reading area b) construction area c) heuristic play area as well as additional dividers and storage for other areas. Most of the items arrive ready to use. Just unpack them and arrange them in your nursery.

Buying this furniture package containing 9 items will save you £150!

This offer contains the following:
Pioneer 1/2 Size Open Shelving Unit
2 x Room Divider- small
Stanley Shelving Unit-Mirror Back
2 x Corner Unit-Tall
Pioneer Shelving Unit-Plain Back
Hidey Hole Den
Baby Book Box


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