Essentials Storage Bench with Tubs


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This low level Essentials Storage Bench with Tubs plays a key part in creating an environment suitable for a child-centred approach to learning, in baby and toddler rooms. Infants can easily access resources stored in and on top of the unit so they can make their own decision to play which whatever is on offer. The benches are strong enough for an adult to sit on and low enough for an adult to clearly see what children are doing on the other side.

There are 4 versions of the unit, each with a different shelf edge colour. Choose the colour which best suits your decor. This unit comes with 3 clear storage tubs but is also available empty or with 3 deep wicker baskets. Flat pack design‚ simple assembly instructions included.

Top Tip: Lift the unit by the hand hold to move it around your setting

Top Tip: To create a corner zone choose an additional EX0025 Size 2 shelving unit plus an F1987N corner storage baskets.

Dimensions: 44cm (h) x 96.6cm (w) x 45cm (d)

Dimensions N/A

Blue, Grey, Lime, Red

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