Pioneer Discovery Zone Offer


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This low level furniture offer is sure to enhance any 2 year old room. You can use the 6 pieces together to form an enclosed area in which babies and toddlers can sit and play quietly together or you could split the furniture up to improve different areas of your room. The furniture is very versatile and can be used for display and storage in virtually any area of the nursery classroom. The low height allows the children who are not too steady on their feet yet to cruise around, holding on to steady themselves. All the items are delivery fully assembled so that all you need to do is unpack them and arrange them in your room.

Buy this fabulous offer and save £125!

This offer includes the following 6 pieces of furniture:
Pioneer Storage Bench;   Pioneer Resource Box with Mirror;   Pioneer Mirror/Playtable;  Pioneer Shelving Unit-Plain Back;  Corner Unit-Small;  Corner Unit-Tall


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